Looking back on 2012, it has been a year in which dreams came true at Darkside Miniatures. 
Our three year search for our solid bay herd stallion finally came to fruition in
Brookhavens Knight Dreams sired by 
Nirvanas Black Knight "Gator"  
You can reach me
Lynne Francis
Santa Rosa Valley
Camarillo, California 
(805) 279-7905
aka Knight

The nice thing about this assortment of boys is that they are all heights: Graham is 30.5", Knight is 32", and Laser is right at 34".
Each of these boys are very different from each other and therefore each brings something different to the breeding program.
aka Graham  
aka Laser
People ask me all the time what the meaning is behind the name "Darkside" Miniatures. I assure them that it has nothing to do with anything sinister nor Star Wars! I tell them to think more about metaphysical and mystical concepts including contemplating the dark side of the moon -- a fascinating and mysterious place that we know exists but that is just beyond our ability to see or reach. Think also in terms of my favorite ancient concept of Yin and Yang, where everything in life has a light side and a dark side, a feminine side and a masculine side. Horses are like that. And that's part of the excitement and fascination of working and living with these wonderful creatures. I feel honored to be in their presence.
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