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People ask me all the time what the meaning is behind the name "Darkside" Miniatures. I assure them that it has nothing to do with anything sinister nor Star Wars! I tell them to think more about metaphysical and mystical concepts including contemplating the dark side of the moon -- a fascinating and mysterious place that we know exists but that is just beyond our ability to see or reach. Think also in terms of my favorite ancient concept of Yin and Yang, where everything in life has a light side and a dark side, a feminine side and a masculine side. Horses are like that. And that's part of the excitement and fascination of working and living with these wonderful creatures. I feel honored to be in their presence.

All of our horses are solid color. Our goal is to keep our horses to an AMHA/AMHR double registered program.  
Watch for our foals to start hitting the ground in 2013! 
(This site is still under construction -- please check back for more updated photos of our horses, most of which do not yet have photos posted on this site.)

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Lynne Francis
Darkside Miniatures
Thousand Oaks, CA
(805) 279-7905

Miniature horses came into my life in 2004 after 14 years of breeding and exhibiting Best in Show quality cavies (guinea pigs) with my daughters when they were young. I used go into our tiny cavy barn each day and call the cavies my little "miniature horses" because they lived in small herds, with a similar hierarchy to how horses relate to each other, always headed up by herd leader
"sow" (female cavy, like a head mare). 

"About Darkside Miniatures
As my daughters grew up I began to long for a more challenging, more fulfilling animal with which to work and to which I could devote the rest of my life. I've never been interested in riding horses but I've always loved them for their beauty, spirit and pure connection to the Universe. Horses live in the moment; they don't worry about the past or the future. For me, spending time with the horses suspends Time itself. As a family law attorney I require something else in my life that transcends the mundane. With the horses I feed their stomachs and they feed my soul! 

My first horse was a lovely palomino gelding "Jordy" who was a pet. It was not, however, until I first set eyes on a photograph of Lacy, a then 4 month old palomino filly (a Blue Boy great granddaughter/Buck Echo granddaughter) that I felt like I'd been struck by lightning! I bought her immediately and began the process of building Darkside Miniatures. Lacy is the head mare of our herd even though at barely 31" tall she's one of the smallest.  
For two years she was shown in halter in standard- sized horse shows as the only Miniature. Each time she walked out of the ring with blue ribbons. She has that kind of attitude.

In the last couple of years Darkside's breeding and show program has grown and expanded to encompass a blending of the traditional, 
tried and true gene lines of Little King Farm (Buckeroo), Flying W Farms (Blue Boy) and Little King Supreme, Little Kings Black Velvet  
to now include Rowdy-based as well as Flabys/Arenosa lines as well. Gracing Darkside' stalls are horses carrying lines from Little King Farm 
(including a direct Buckeroo daughter!) as well as a daughter of LKF Black Velvet, First Knight Miniatures, Nirvana Training Center,  
Painted H Ranch, Limestone, Lucky Four, Wind Flight, Lot-Sa-Fun, just to name a few. 

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